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Tina Valle

Tina has been in the web design business since 2005.


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 So why do you need a website?…

Are you like any of the many people I've met that  think, “Everybody knows what my business is and where I’m located!”? Well, the truth is...not everyone does. I lived in a semi-rural mountain community for years, and came across businesses that I never knew existed. If my realtor had not had the good business sense to put herself on the Internet map, I would have never found her when I was out of State looking to buy, nor would I have bought my house from her!

The Cell Phones via Internet have rapidly gained in popularity, being used as the new phonebook, Maps, GPS, "What's Nearby", etc.. Many travelers use the Internet to plan out the basics of their trip in advance, and use their cell phones to access the Internet while on the road! They look up all kinds of businesses and services and other stops that they’ll need along the way, such as lodging, gas and food. Yet, what about all the other things that they might encounter…a side trip, sudden needs for their family, vehicle, pets, and more?

Let me use New Mexico for’s a surprising fact to some locals that they all have an amazing built in opportunity to build their businesses simply by proximity to the State’s main artery (Interstate-40). At last count, Interstate 40 (through the East Mountains) boasted an average of 25,000 cargo trucks daily, and that figure doesn’t even include regular passenger vehicles. That's a huge amount of potential business passing by daily.  So what about those travelers that may have an unexpected need for a business or service just like yours...If they don’t know you exist, how can they become a customer? You do the math and THINK need to be on the Internet!

The bottom line is that every business needs a proper website...a place to clearly and concisely present its product/service and set itself apart from the rest!

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